Free insect box making activity

On a rainy Saturday afternoon Nature Vibezzz ran a free family forest school activity in Knights Hill Wood, West Norwood, Lambeth, London. The session ran from 2pm to 4pm on 12th May 2018 and started with a insect hunt around the woods with children finding and collecting ground beetles, centipedes, millipedes, slimmy slugs, aphids, woodlice, scary spiders and wiggly worms. After the bug hunt finished the children found new homes in the woodland for the insects they had collected. Then the insect box home creation started with the children measuring and marking each piece of wood to show where the wood need to be cut for top, bottom & sides of their insect box. The sawing of wood to size was  done with adult help and then the childrem marked what each piece was for. Finally using a drill the boxes were screwed together. Some of the children also decorated their insect boxes and others filled their boxes to make comfy insect homes. The session finished with hot chocolate and biscuits for everyone.

Nature Vibezzz is running a seires of free family nature activities in Knights Hill Wood every Saturday 2pm to 4pm, so please come along and join in the fun.


Author: John Nature Vibezzz

Project Manager

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