Last Saturday Project Session of 2018

Nature Vibezzz ran the last Saturday activity session of 2018 at Knights Hill Wood on 8th December 2018. The session involved planting native tree saplings around the boundary of Knight Hill Wood to continue the creation of the boundary wildlife hedge. The hedge will help protect the site from people dumping litter, help reduce pollution and create a wildlife habitat.

The session started with litter picking the woodland site. Our project film volunteers came and filmed some of the activity and the children also used cameras to make photos and films. The children took turns playing on the rope swing and around the woods.

The session finished with veggie sausages and burgers cooked on a campfire and enjoyed by everyone.

Nature Vibezzz free Saturday family nature activities will restart in the new year 2pm to 4pm Saturday 19th January 2019.

Photographs made by participants

Film created using film footage  and photos made by children


Author: John Nature Vibezzz

Project Manager

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