Planting wildlife hedge, wild flower meadow creation & other free activities in Tivoli Park

2pm to 4pm Saturday 16th March 2019 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family nature activity session in Tivoli Park, West Norwood.

The session involved planting tree saplings to create a wildlife hedge, digging logs in place for border of wild flower meadow, making animal masks, bug hunting, rope climbing & swings.

The session finished with a healthy fruit snack and juice drink.

Next Saturday 2pm to 4pm Saturday 23rd March 2019 we shall continue planting the wildlife hedge and preparing the area for the wild flower meadow. Please come and help us make a real impact to Tivoli Park.

Lots of free woodland activities at Knights Hill Wood in West Norwood

Nature Vibezzz ran a free family nature activity in Knights Hill Wood 2pm to 4pm on Saturday 9th February 2019.

This free session involved lots of activities for the participants including litter picking, picking up pine cones for the bug hotel, colouring, making animal masks, building up dead hedge to protect emerging wildflowers planted by participants on previous sessions, rope swing, chopping wood and outdoor cooking.

Next free activity in Knights Hill Wood 2pm to 4pm on Saturday 16th February 2019.

Building dead hedge in Knights Hill Wood

2pm to 4pm Saturday 26th January 2019 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family nature activity in Knights Hill Wood, West Norwood.

The activity started with litter picking and free play in the woodland including making animal masks, insect hunting, climbing rope and  rope swing.

The session activity involved participants using green material that had been dumped at the site to build up the dead hedge made on previous activities. The dead hedge provides a habitat for wildlife and protects plants in the wildflower glade created by children on previous sessions.

The session finished with hot chocolate, cookies and strawberries.

The next free Nature Vibezzz project session will be 2pm to 4pm Saturday 2nd February 2019.

Preparing area for wildflowers and chocolate fruit kebabs

2pm to 4pm Saturday 20th October 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family nature activity in Knights Hill Wood West Norwood Lambeth London. The activity involved preparing an area of the woodland which has been surround by a deadhedge for wildflower seed and bulb planting. Preparing the area involved removing unwanted plants, green waste and litter from the area. All the children and adults helped and the area is now ready for planting on a future activity.

Other activities for children included rope climbing, rope swing, colouring, making animal masks, playing around the woodland, litter picking, photography and bug hunting.

After all the hard work the participants whittled sticks using knifes and peelers for their fruit kebabs and chopped wood for making a fire to melt chocolate.  Once the sticks was prepared and the chocolate melted over the fire, everyone enjoyed their fruit chocolate treat.

Free woodland activity in West Norwood

2pm to 4pm Saturday 14th July 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family nature conservation activity in Knights Hill Wood. The session involved continuing to make a dead hedge making a wildlife habitat and protect a wildflower glade. The children also enjoyed colouring, making animal masks, insect hunting, rope climbing, rope swinging and free play around the site. Participants also litter picked the site removing 2 sacks of rubbish.

Come and join us from 2pm on Saturday 21st July 2018 at Knights Hill Wood.

Free family nature perfume activty

2pm to 5pm Saturday 9th June 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family forest school activity at Knights Hill Wood West Norwood. The activities was making nature perfume from flowers and leaves plus making animal masks.

The parcticipants enjoyed healthy fruit and fruit juice to finish the activity.

Come and enjoy the fun from 2pm next Saturday in Knights Hill Wood when we shall be doing an activity focusing on tool work.