Free Saturday nature activites in Knights Hill Wood and Tivoli Park

Nature Vibezzz free family nature conservation and forest school activities will re-start 2pm to 4pm Saturday 6th October 2018. Activities will take place in Tivoli Park and Knights Hill Wood West Norwood, Lambeth, London.

Please come along and join in the fun activities for all ages.

Free family nature activities Lambeth London

Free woodland activity in West Norwood

2pm to 4pm Saturday 14th July 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family nature conservation activity in Knights Hill Wood. The session involved continuing to make a dead hedge making a wildlife habitat and protect a wildflower glade. The children also enjoyed colouring, making animal masks, insect hunting, rope climbing, rope swinging and free play around the site. Participants also litter picked the site removing 2 sacks of rubbish.

Come and join us from 2pm on Saturday 21st July 2018 at Knights Hill Wood.

Free family woodland activity

2pm to 4pm Saturday 7th July 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family activity in Knights Hill Wood West Norwood London. The activity involved continuing to build a dead hedge by installing wooden posts to protect the woodland wildlife glade. Participants also enjoyed colouring, insect hunts, rope swings / climbing and playing in the woodland.

This nature activity finished with a healthy fruit snack.

Families making dead hedge to protect wild flowers

2pm to 5pm Saturday 23rd June 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a nature conservation activity in Knights Hill Wood. The activity focused on installing posts around the wildflower area to make a permanent dead hedge to protect the flowers. The dead hedge will also create a habiat of it’s own for insects and other creatures helping to further increase the biodiversity of the site. Particpants of all ages took part in digging and filling the holes for the new posts. Particiapnts also litter picked the site removing 2 sacks of rubbish.

The children also enjoyed colouring, bug hunting and a rope swing. The session finished with a healthy snack that included fruit and veggie sausages cooked on a camp fire.

Our next project session will be on Saturday 30th June 2018 please come and join us make a difference to this wonderful woodland site.

Free family woodland activity

On Saturday 2nd June 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran another free family activity in Knights Hill Wood, West Norwood. The activity started with the children hunting for bugs, making insect masks and woodland drawings. The children also enjoyed exploring the woods, climbing trees and rope swing through out the activity. The main activities was colouring stones plus parents and children working together to make insect furniture for our bug hotels to finish them so the bugs can now move in.

Refreshments was also provided with healthy fruit and juice given to participants before they left.

Please come and join us 2pm to 5pm (approx) Saturday 9th June at Knights Hill Wood, everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Making insect hotels & clay animals

2pm to 5pm Saturday 26th May 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family forest school activity in Knights Hill Wood West Norwood London. The activity started with bug hunting around the woodland site with the children finding a wide variety of creeply crawlies. The children was shown various technquies to find aphids, spider mites, caterpillars & spiders living in trees plus slugs, worms, beetles, centipedes, woodlice, snails and other inects living under rocks or logs.

The children also enjoyed colouring insect pictures and rope swings / climbing before our main activities started. On this session the children finished the insect hotels started on our last session, this involved measuring, sawing and drilling. The insect hotels was also filled with natural furniture to make a perfect home for lots of bugs.

The children also made animals from clay, either added them to the hotels or taking them home to look after.

Come and join us this Saturday for more fun in the woodland looking for insects and building homes for them.

Photos of Knights Hill Wood wild flower glade

Photos taken on Saturday 28th April 2018 of wild flower glade at Knights Hill Wood created by participants on Nature Vibezzz free activities and protected by dead hedge. The wild flower glade help increase the biodiversity at the site providing habitat and food for insects and birds. Whilst the dead hedge both provides protection for the glade wild flowers and shelter for insects and small animals.