Childminders enjoy free nature activity in Tivoli Park

On Wednesday 19th September 2018 Charity Nature Vibezzz ran a free activity for a group of childminders in Tivoli Park. The activity involved the children collecting nature items such as leaves, berries and flowers to make nature perfume. The children made labels for their perfume which was bottled up in spray bottles to take home. The activity session finished with a healthy fruit snack, please contact Nature Vibezzz if you want us to run free sessions for your school or organisation.

Free family nature perfume activty

2pm to 5pm Saturday 9th June 2018 Nature Vibezzz ran a free family forest school activity at Knights Hill Wood West Norwood. The activities was making nature perfume from flowers and leaves plus making animal masks.

The parcticipants enjoyed healthy fruit and fruit juice to finish the activity.

Come and enjoy the fun from 2pm next Saturday in Knights Hill Wood when we shall be doing an activity focusing on tool work.